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PriceSCAN Retired Indices

LCD TV Indices
LCD TV 40 720p Index
LCD TV 40 1080p Index
LCD TV 40 720p vs 1080p Graph

LCD TV 46 720p Index
LCD TV 46 1080p Index

LCD TV 52 1080p Index

LCD TV Composite Graph

Plasma TV Indices
Plasma TV 40 720p Index
Plasma TV 40 1080p Index
Plasma TV 40 720p vs 1080p Graph

Plasma TV 50 720p Index
Plasma TV 50 1080p Index
Plasma TV 50 720p vs 1080p Graph

Plasma TV Composite Graph

Projection TV Indices
Sony SXRD Projection TV Index
DLP HDTV 1080 Projection TV Index

Digital Camera Indices
7 Megapixel Digital Camera Index
8 Megapixel Digital Camera Index
10 Megapixel Digital Camera Index

Digital Camcorder Indices
DVD Digital Camcorder Index

DVD Player Indices
HD-DVD Player Index

Apple iPod Indices
iPod nano 2GB - 2G - Index
iPod nano 4GB - 2G - Index
iPod nano 8GB - 2G - Index
iPod 30GB - Updated 5G - Index
iPod 80GB - Updated 5G - Index

Microsoft Zune Indices
Zune 30GB Index

Wireless Routers
Wireless G Router Index
Wireless N Router Index

Computer Processor Indices
Intel Pentium D Processor Index
Intel Core Duo Processor Index
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Index
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Index

Flash Memory Indices
512MB CompactFlash Memory Index
1GB CompactFlash Memory Index
2GB CompactFlash Memory Index
4GB CompactFlash Memory Index
8GB CompactFlash Memory Index

512MB SD Card Flash Memory Index
1GB SD Card Flash Memory Index
2GB SD Card Flash Memory Index
4GB SD Card Flash Memory Index
8GB SD Card Flash Memory Index

512MB USB Flash Memory Index
1GB USB Flash Memory Index
2GB USB Flash Memory Index
4GB USB Flash Memory Index
8GB USB Flash Memory Index

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